My Open Letter to George Lucas

Dear Mr. Lucas,

4 billion dollars? 4 billion?

George, can I call you George? I feel we can be on a first name basis; I mean you have been living in my heart and home since I can remember. My brother had the Star Wars VHS tapes on constant repeat, I held hands with a boy for the first time in front of A New Hope and I always got scared when the Rancor come out of his cave. I’m not the only one, there are many boys and girls around the world just like me.

Apart from telling one of the most amazing stories of the last century, your little independent film changed cinema. I’m not exaggerating, like not at all. You wanted to push what sound could do for film and experimented with stereo and multitrack. You insured that 50% of the cinemas that screened A New Hope had Dolby Sound Systems. Then your film was ridiculously successful. When The Empire Strikes Back came out you made sure that 100% of the cinemas that screened your film had a Dolby Sound System installed. You changed the way film was experienced. You literally changed cinema and for that I respected you even more so than as the creator of the most epic space opera known to man. But George, I never thought you would sell your legacy.

Maybe I’m being too dramatic. It’s a smart move, when I think about it. Star Wars has been mocked since Jar Jar Binks arrived and the original trilogy will always be everyones favorite but the question that comes to mind is, are you jumping a sinking ship?

I’m sure you’ll stay on as a creative consultant, you invented the Star Wars Universe for Yoda’s sake, you still have many things to say. No one would give up their idea just like that, right? Maybe the money was too much to turn down. 4 billion? That amount would ensure your children’s children’s children’s very wonderful future. They would be so rich they could each build a real Millennium Falcon and do the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs. But George, they aren’t even born yet and we humans are selfish creatures.You don’t have to sell up just yet. You’ve put a lot into the Star Wars universe; comics, films, books, animated series, game and you even invented a religion. How many people can say that? Are you really ready to give this up?

I’m kinda hurt and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I can tell that many fans have been against the move. There isn’t going to be a partnership here, Disney will take a lot of control off you and make sure that their 4 billion was worth it.

In the end, however, this is show business and I’m pretty sure you just won at it even if millions of fans are crying themselves to sleep at night.


(Image courtesy of Paul Shipper)

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