Farscape: My Bed Time Story

As I sit down to watch my recent rental from Fillim, I am introduced to old friends, the fighter and the prince, the pilot and the priest. Farscape was produced for the Nine Network back in 1999 and ran until its cancellation in 2003. Fans were so upset about this a miniseries was made to wrap up the story of John Crichton and his friends. The show was produced by Jim Henson Productions and Hallmark Entertainment, this sure as hell wasn’t any back water production.

Before we go further, there is something you should know about me; television raised me. My parents worked full time, my mother was a business owner and deputy Lord Mayor and my father worked shifts at the steel works. Television was my substitute parents and Farscape was one of my bed time stories.

Although Farscape is slightly cliche now, 13 years ago it wasn’t, this was cutting edge stuff and it was Australian. My heart swells with pride that our country could produce this pretty amazing sci-fi series. That is why Farscape was so great, it stands shoulder to shoulder with the other sci-fi shows around at the time; Stargate, Star Trek, Firefly and Sliders. Since Farscape I don’t think there has been another Australian produced television show that has been able to do this.

The CGI is awesome, like really good. I had almost forgotten how Farscape looked and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the CGI wasn’t that bad. The make up and puppets were taken care of by The Jim Henson Company and two of the main characters were creations of the Creature Shop. These were the guys who did the dark crystal and the labyrinth and if David Bowie can work with these guys, they must be pretty darn good. The dialogue is even better, it’s reminiscent of Joss Whedon and Steven Moffat. The writing never takes itself seriously but it never makes a mockery either. A father has lost his family and is desperately searching for his son, a fighter has lost her faith in everything she was raised to believe was right and a priestess who fighting hard within her self to not be overcome by her own troubles. This is what makes sci-fi so great, we all know that the setting is fantastical, that stories are pure imagination and the characters are amazingly relatable.

The best thing about sci-fi is that it takes us places that we, unfortunately, will never be able to go. We met aliens, new friends with very different faces and different words. We are emerged in cultures we couldn’t find here on earth. Science Fiction has always been this for the fans and Farscape is no different.

Farscape will take you places you have never seen before. Watch it now on Fillim, the only place where it is available online for Australian customers.

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