The Christmas Movie

Christmas means many things for many people. Snow, eggnog, turkey, sledding and open fires for our northern inhabitants. For those under the equator? Hot days beaches, water fights, fresh seafood and well, open fires (BUSH FIRES!).

One thing that I think is universal on Christmas is the compulsory Christmas movie. The Santa Clause, Its a Wonderful Life, Home Alone; is just a few on a long list that celebrates the miracle of Christmas. The love of family, the need to be apart of something bigger or the need inside all of that we need to bring happiness to those around us.

What about those unofficial Christmas films, those films that are a bit off centre. Here is a list of the films that are unofficial Christmas films that you can watch while avoiding the annoying younger cousins, your mother who wants to make you wear that uncomfortable woollen Christmas theme jumper, or if you just want some alone time. With a family of forty people you would easily find me in a corner in the fatal position if it weren’t for these kind of Christmas films.

Gremlins PosterGremlins: I was first introduced to Gizmo and Billy when I was preteen. I look upon those Christmas days fondly; I was a spoilt brat without a care in the world. Good times. Billy’s father boys Gizmo from an antique store in Chinatown. He is given warnings; never expose Gizmo to bright light, never get him wet and never ever feed him after midnight. Hilarity and horror ensues during this holiday season, look out for the Gremlin in the microwave. Filmmaking genuis.

 Batman PosterBatman Returns: Who doesn’t love a Batman movie, especially one directed by Tim Burton? Micheal Keaton is my favourite Batman, Michelle Pfeffier is my favourite Catwoman and with villains like Danny De Vito and Christopher Walken this film is sure to make your family laugh, or cry because Danny is quite scary as The Peguin. If you don’t like a superhero Christmas movie well frankly you upset me and I want nothing more to do with you. Merry Christmas.

Brazil PosterBrazil: Do you feel like watching a dystopian sci-fi fantasy while sipping eggnog? Do you feel like watching a crazy mind screw that will leave you questioning everything that you just watched? Then Brazil is the film for you. I’ll give it to the British they know how to make a film that will question your intelligence. Jonathan Price is Sam Lowry a lonely government worker who dreams of being a hero. Robert De Niro is an air conditioner specialist/terrorist. Throw in some mystery and a batshit crazy government and you have Brazil. If you’re a teenager avoiding people in the dark sanctuary you call your room, watch this movie and know that you spent your Christmas getting cultured. Plus, Bob Hoskins, enough said. He’s awesome.

The Holiday PosterThe Holiday: My favourite rom-com. Even though the casting of Jack Black and Kate Winslet was a bit odd but it didn’t really deter me from the rest of the film. It’s funny, it’s sad, and from the moment I met Cameron Diaz’s character Amanda Woods I saw myself in her. She is me and that’s why I loved this film. You connect instantly with the lonely workaholic or the love lorn writer. You see how Christmas can change people, and you know that Christmas can change people in your life or change you.

Silent Night Deadly Night PosterSilent Night, Deadly Night: Now Christmas isn’t complete without a horror film. Don’t argue with me, it’s a fact. A little boy, Billy, sees his family murdered by a man dressed up as Santa, and begins his life of recovery. Not really, he becomes a psycho killer. The film chronicles his life as he grows up and eventually becomes a spree killer, with Billy (now 18) murdering those he deems naughty. This is a film if you want something completly left of centre for your Christmas viewing. If you want a new spin on the naughty and nice list then watch this film, but don’t let your kids watch it. We don’t need to ruin the idea of Santa just yet. 

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year,


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